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Remove Pet Stains & Odors with Carpet Cleaning

Branson, Missouri

Whether you have a puppy or a well-trained pet, accidents are guaranteed and something every homeowner should be prepared for. At Sho-Me Clean Carpet Cleaning, we offer high-quality pet and odor control services for your carpet in Branson, MO and the Tri-Lakes area. Even if you’re extremely cautious when your pet has an accident, using store-bought chemicals can only do so much to the surface of a urine stain before noticing consistent odors and dark spots. Our team has over 16 years of experience providing pet and odor removal services to residential homes with 100% success. For custom pet stain removal services, give us a call, and we’ll give you a free estimate on your next steam carpet cleaning.

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Pet Treatment

Living with your pets can be life-changing, both positive and not-so-positive. When your pet makes a mess on your carpet, it can leave your home smelling like a zoo. Don’t get used to the odors; contact our professionals at So-Me Clean Carpet Cleaning in Branson, MO. We offer pet treatment services for your carpet, furniture, and other fabric surfaces. Using the best name-brand products in the industry, we guarantee results for every one of our clients. Whether you have dark spots from years of pet messes or want your new couch cleaned before it’s too late, contact our specialists for quality pet treatment services. Our tools and equipment can remove long-lasting stains and odors to restore your home to its former glory.

Facts You Should Know About Pet Urine in Your Carpeting

If you have pets, they likely have had an accident on your carpet flooring. If you don’t get to the spot immediately, you and your guests will start noticing a foul smell that is almost impossible to eliminate. Sho-Me Carpet Cleaning has put together common facts every pet owner should know about pet urine on their carpet. Contact us for professional pet odor removal services if you’re experiencing any of these issues.

Carpet, padding, and plywood layers showing how deep pet urine can penetrate

Urine Deposited on Carpet Doesn't Stay on the Surface

As soon as your pet has an accident, their mess contaminates the carpet fibers and the rough backing of your carpet. If frequent accidents happen enough, it can penetrate through the subflooring, making it impossible to clean. If your pet has had multiple accidents on your carpet, your flooring could be affected by contamination and permanent damage.

pet urine smells linger even after young woman vigorously cleaned the carpet

Urine Odors Can Permeate from Below

Let’s say you get to your pet’s accident fairly quickly – unfortunately, even if you clean up the mess on the carpet’s surface, foul odors can still penetrate from below. Urine is a hard smell to get rid of, and once the subfloors are affected, you’ll notice a smell, even when there isn’t a mess.

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When Dry, Urine Crystals Become Concentrated & Pungent

If your pet makes a mess while you’re away, their urine will crystalize, becoming almost impossible to remove from your carpeted surface. When your home is experiencing humid temperatures or a liquid is spilled on the carpet, that smell will become reactivated. Only professional cleaning equipment and solutions can remove dried urine from your carpet.

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Urine Can Cause Permanent Damage if Left Untreated

If left untreated, pet stains can cause permanent damage to your carpet or subflooring. Instead of using harmful store-bought products, contact Sho-Me Clean Carpet Cleaning for professional services that can reverse the damage of pet stains if treated quickly.

Odor Removal

From time to time, every home experiences foul odors. These smells can come from pets, cooking, people, outside influences, water damage, fire damage, and more. Odors treated with over-the-counter products are meant to mask the odor with perfumes or mist without actually removing the foul smell. Organic odors will still be there and will return when the over-the-counter products have lost their strength. Sho-Me Clean Carpet Cleaning has a three-pronged defense to eliminating odors in your home or business. We start steam cleaning your carpets to remove the smell trapped in the carpet fibers while using eco-friendly solutions and powerful truck-mount cleaning equipment to remove dirt and stains that cause foul smells.

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Ozone Creation for Odor Control concept graphic

Ozone Creation for Odor Control

What is ozone? How exactly is ozone created? About fifteen miles above the earth, there is a layer of ozone that protects us from harmful UV rays caused by the sun. This layer is created when short-wave UV rays break down the oxygen molecules into single molecules of oxygen. These unstable molecules attach themselves to O2 molecules, creating ozone. But why is this important to odor removal? Our ozone generators seek out molecules receptive to the extra oxygen molecule. These molecules filled with foul odors allow the oxygen molecule to attach to them, changing the molecule to be completely odorless. This process does not mask odors or leave a more potent odor to cover; it completely changes and eliminates odors naturally and safely. We provide ozone odor elimination to homes and businesses in Branson, MO. Contact Sho-Me Clean Carpet Cleaning for odor control services.