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Sho-Me Clean Water Removal and Restoration

Do you know what Serv Pro, Service Master, and Sho Me Clean have in common when it comes to water removal and restoration? EVERYTHING! You might ask yourself how is that possible? Isn't Serv Pro and Service Master large restoration companies that span the United States? How can Sho Me Clean. a local company. have anything in common with those large companies. Simple. Sho Me Clean uses the same equipment, we use the same methods of water removal, we use the same method of structural drying, we even use the same methods of determining how each individual job should be approached. 

Sho-Me Clean is trained by the same organizations that train the large companies. Sho-Me Clean technicians get the same certification for water removal. 

What is the difference then? With Sho-Me Clean, you are one hand shake away from the owner. You deal with someone that is vested in Sho-Me Clean and not just an employee that receives a check. Sho-Me Clean owners are your neighbors.  We have deep ties to our community. We are here. The owners of Sho-Me Clean understand that local people need local help. We understand that in times of need the compassion we show is not because your just another job, you are our friends, you are our neighbors. Larger corporations have layers of people between you and the top. 

Wood Cleaning

Home owners like the look and feel of wood floors. Wood floors can transform your home from rustic to contemporary, however when the floors look worn and need of up keep. Sanding the floor to is an option, however it can be quite expensive and dusty. Our cleaning strips off the impurities so that a new coat of finish. At about half the cost you can have your wood floor looking like new. There will be times that the only way to restoring your wood floor is to sand and finish the floor. This is a service which we do offer.  
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24 Hour Emergency Water Removal and Restoration 
We are here to help with your needs and resolve your problem as quick as possible. We are here to relieve the stress and anxiety that comes with water removal and restoration. Sho-Me Clean is here in a moment's notice. Sure, we can take care of a thirty thousand foot property that has a water loss. We can do the water removal and the structural drying, but we are here for you, our neighbors, that have a fifteen hundred square foot home also. Instead of responding all over the United States to every natural disaster to every flood, every tornado, every hurricane, every power outage, we are here for you, our neighbor. 

For more information about pre-planning, call us. We will be glad to consult with you for what best suits your needs. 

Contact Sho-Me Clean at 417-263-1963.